Taste of Goodness

Over the years, apart from making snacks and Namkeens that taste good, Chheda’s has been committed to doing good for everyone whose lives we touch. Here’s how we do so for our consumers, communities that work with us, our employees and even our country.


Goodness for employees

We provide direct and indirect employment to almost 1000 people. Chheda’s believes in providing employment and growth opportunities with a special focus on local talent and women. we believe that healthy, educated, employed and empowered women break poverty cycles. It’s why we employ rural Indian women at our factory in production jobs to enrich their lives. After all, the development of women is the development of society. Today, 40% of our workforce is made up of women.


Goodness for farmers

Having pioneered and established a model of partnership with farmers, we work with over 60 happy farmers across our Taluka. More than 60 percent of them are small and marginal farmers with a land holding of one acre or less. We provide 360-degree support to the farmer through assured buy-back of their produce at pre-agreed prices, quality seeds, extension services, disease control packages, and the latest technological practices. The association with us has not only raised the incomes of small and marginal farmers, but also their social standing.


Goodness for the environment

At Chheda’s, we understand our responsibility towards keeping our planet green and habitable for our future generations. To reduce our carbon footprint, we have undertaken many initiatives. For starters, our plant uses fuel from renewable energy sources such as biomass, rice husk boilers and coal. But that’s not all. We take steps to reduce use of chemicals, make packaging more eco-friendly, and manage waste more efficiently to help reduce load on the environment. Most importantly, 60% of our raw material comes from agricultural produce. All the agro-waste generated is processed into organic manure to help farmers cultivate crops without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, keeping the land chemical free. Thus, we turn waste into wealth. This is a perfect cycle from farm to fork. We also work in partnership with our team in a number of areas to reduce use of water and energy and to drive down our Packaging waste. We have taken firm steps in this regard


Use less


Recycle your


Strive to make our plastic packaging fully recyclable by 2025.

Through our membership of the EPR MPCB board, we are striving to make our plastic film packaging fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.


Goodness for the country

At Chheda’s, we believe that our growth is India’s growth. Our company exports to 15 countries in the world, and 24% of our sales comes from developed countries which is a matter of pride for us and India. Incentives in the form of duty drawbacks on exports from the Government of India encourages us to export more and bring in more foreign exchange into our country. This is how we play our part in helping India grow.


Goodness for consumers

We believe that snacks can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise. We’re always working on improving the health credentials of our products and the way we market them for a few years. We recognize there is still more to do and that as a leading snacks manufacturer we have a responsibility to offer choices and clear information to our consumers.

Spices Board

Registered Member - Spices Board of India


FSSAI Certified


ISO 22000:2005 Ready




Agriculture & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority


FSSC 22000