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Products List
  • Tomato Banana Chips
  • Yellow Banana Chips
  • Masala Banana Chips
  • Mari (Salt & Pepper) Banana Chips
  • Cream & Onion Potato Wafers
  • Criss Cross Chips Masala
  • Criss Cross Chips Salted
  • Plain Potato Chips 170g
  • Plain Salted Potao Wafer
  • Tomato Flavor Potao Wafer
  • 3 in 1 Chikki box
  • 3 in 1 Chikki
  • Peanut Chikki
  • Rajgeera Chikki
  • Til Ladoo
  • Cheese Ball
  • French Fries Masala
  • French Fries Salted
  • Tomato Ball
  • Tomato Ring
  • Chheda's Bhajni Chakri
  • Chheda's Bhavnagri Ghatiya
  • Chheda's Bhel Mix
  • Chheda's Chana Chor
  • Chheda's ChanaDal
  • Chheda's Diet Poha chivda
  • Chheda's Farali
  • Chheda's GoldMix
  • Chheda's Kachori
  • Chheda's Mahalaxmi Chivda
  • Chheda's Manglori Mix
  • Chheda's Masaala Bundi
  • Chheda's MixFar
  • Chheda's Moong Dal
  • Chheda's Mora Sev
  • Chheda's NadyadiMix
  • Chheda's Nylon Sev
  • Chheda's Ratlami Sev
  • Chheda's Roasted Poha Chivda
  • Chheda's Salt Boondi
  • Chheda's Samosa
  • Chheda's Sing Bhujia
  • Chheda's Tikha Sev
  • Chheda's Tikha Gathiya
  • Mini Bhakerwadi
  • Soya Snax
Welcome to Chheda's Namkeen

Chheda's has always been a name for quality snackfood, on which people can rely on. They have adopted the system of multinationals or the corporates in spite they always nurtured a traditional indian style of strong bonding with every person who associates with its flow. since last two decades in india.

With a great care and innovation all of chheda's palate have ensured a shelf space of premium segment in the supermarkets and value added groceries Over the years, only the trust of customers have made Chheda's a substantial premium brand in a relatively short span.

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